Complete Information to SAP Exercising Purposes and Qualifications

Compare these characteristics to what past decade ERP were providing – usually specific quantity of person identified areas which were reserved in existing SQL tables.
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New person described items could be employed for information entry and in reporting like in Gem Report. If you plan to supply these areas with additional repository datasets then they must be available in Knowledge Transfer Workbench. And this is big gain but it could be not all that you need. Custom tables usually involve movement via custom SB1 Application login saps Progress Package coding. Let’s take a peek at some details beginning with individual identified areas and platforms in adjustments:

Individual identified table. Login SAP BO graphical user interface and follow the path: Methods -> Modification Resources -> Person Described Platforms Setup. At this time it’s in your hands to produce new table. When you’re done the consumer software ought to be made quickly and you can open it for information access and editing via Tools -> Person Identified Windows

Extending Active Table. Today let’s believe that you want to increase active thing, such as for instance Company Partner and put the subject what your location is tagging if this BP is able to receive Statement via e-mail and when it is perhaps not industry you mail it in paper. Again utilize the subsequent route: Methods -> Customization Resources -> Consumer Identified Areas Administration and here expand Grasp Knowledge, Company Partner twice and select Add key on the bottom of the form. Use your IT judgment in making the area and providing it form and format.

When you are performed attempt to open Business Spouse form and in menu click on view and mark User Defined Areas – and straight away your custom area is found on the expansion mounted on the best from master history form. What you need to know is the fact OCRD table (business partner grasp history file) was improved and extended with the just produced subject and you can address this area in DTW or Crystal Report

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