Collecting Monies For CBD Debt Hampered By The Law

The impact of CBD oil on a single patient can be astounding.  The laws surrounding it and its distribution are muddled and confusing.   Because reputable CBD oil makers have their hands tied by federal law and FDA approval status, many people are buying snake oil.

The process hemp (the plant CDB oil is derived from) has to be put through to get CBD oil from it can involve harsh chemicals and materials that cannot be regulated because the industry standards are non-existent.  There is no regulation on safety and quality

Image result for the plant CDB oil is derived from because technically it should not be produced outside of certain states.   Buying it online and having it shipped across state lines is a felony and an FDA approved CBD oil is practically unaffordable.

People are desperate for an all natural remedy for everything from anxiety to pain and a lot of people are getting rich off of it.   That is not to say that there are no reputable manufacturers but the scam artists of the industry can force these into bankruptcy.

How does it start?

 All businesses start the same way and that is with capital.   Whether it is your own money or from an investor from somewhere.   In fairness to all investors, the laws surrounding CBD oil are as unclear as the laws surrounding hemp.   That means it is already a bit of risk even with more conscientious manufacturer.

Do investors know that they are investing in something that could potentially be harmful?

If you look at the tobacco industry the answer is  obviously  “yes”.   It does not mean  to say that all investors are shady and corrupt.   No investor wants to go under a venture situation such as a growing farm that could easily cause them.   It is better to think that they do not have the information necessary to make a good decision.


There is only one credit counseling service that deals specifically with this kind of law and that is CannaBIZ.   From checking on someone asking for an investment to tracking down money when a debtor refuses to pay or cannot pay, using them is a great way to keep from losing your capital monies.

When the law catches up to the times regulation on CBD oil will hopefully keep a lot of people from getting sick.   It is hard to imagine something that has been proven to work for so many issues being kept off the market while tobacco and alcohol are everywhere.   Yet this is the world we live in.

Many people who are seeking CBD oil are people who need it.   Turning a profit as a manufacturer should not mean hiding your money under your mattress because it is illegal to put it in the bank.   Yet this is the reality of cannabis in today’s America.

In the meantime, people have to hope that the government comes around to it and it will be regulated to be safe but not break the investor’s or consumer’s bank.

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